September 22, 2013 : Ancient Cynicism

Today, the term ‘cynic’ brings to mind a person who has little or no faith in the goodness of the human race. In ancient Athens, however, it meant something quite different: one who rejects all social conventions in order to live in accordance with nature...

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September 15 : The Moral Lives of Animals

From Aristotle and Kant to Hume and Darwin, philosophers and scientists have long denied the idea that animals are capable of acting for moral reasons. Yet empirical evidence suggests that many animals have rich emotional lives, and some even...

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September 08 : The State of Public Philosophy

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September 01 : Tenth Anniversary Special

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Interdum et malesuada

By Rene Descartes

Nullam auctor semper lectus, ut auctor lectus euismod suscipit. Donec tempor purus in laoreet consectetur. Nam aliquam iaculis nisl a dapibus. Maecenas fermentum nulla in congue convallis!

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Duis malesuada gravida ultricies

By David Hume

nteger blandit nulla non urna tempus consequat. Aliquam ultricies odio vitae gravida egestas. Etiam fermentum aliquam mi; vitae imperdiet est luctus in.

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