Our care delivery system is patient-centered and driven by Watson’s theory of caring integrated with science. Nurses create caring interactions with patients, families, communities and populations.
As professionals, nurses are evidence-based clinicians who facilitate the transfer of knowledge on behalf of the patient. The O’Rourke Model of the Professional Role™ is our framework for professional nursing.
Excellence in patient care is supported through ongoing education programs and services with strong links to nursing academic community resources. New knowledge via research is supported by the Research Council.
Nurses are encouraged to develop professionally via the O’Rourke Professional Role Development Program. We have a mentored new graduate program, and Professional Growth and Development Council.
The SHC environment and culture is characterized as a healthy work culture with collaborative interdisciplinary relationships in an academic setting and is focused on compassion, safety and justice.
SHC uses the Councilor model of shared governance that exhibits shared decision-making and nursing autonomy across all care settings. There is a Coordinating Council, Specialty Councils and Unit-based Councils.